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Geoff Gibson is the Key.

In 1990 Geoff built his first home under his company name Geoff Gibson Homes. Fast Forward 3 decades and Geoff Gibson Homes continue to design and build quality custom homes, earning a reputation for optimising energy efficiency through clever design and orientation.

Geoff and the team have extensive knowledge and expertise, so you can rest assured knowing you are dealing with the best.

We work with clients from initial design briefings to handing over the keys to their new home. When you build with Geoff Gibson Homes you will work directly with Geoff throughout the whole process. There is a need for custom bespoke home designs in the region and at Geoff Gibson Homes you can trust we use high end fittings and the best local trades available to achieve this.

We proudly service areas of the Darling Downs and surrounds.

Meet The Team

Joanne Andrews - Office Manager

Karen Westwood - Contracts Administrator

Floki & Tyrion - Office doorbell and staff stress reliever

Geoff Gibson - Founder and Owner

Tim Dean - Construction Supervisor

Tom Gibson - Site Supervisor

Green Smart Approach

Our own goal for any new home we build is to achieve a minimum of 7 Star Rating. Using Green Smart technology, we believe that for as little as a 10% input cost during construction your new home could be up to 80% more energy efficient. Our guarantee is that we will give you all the benefits of our thorough research and construction experience in building truly energy efficient homes.

F7 Cypress

Geoff Gibson Homes only use naturally termite resistant F7 Cypress in all their external & internal frames. In fact Geoff Gibson Homes are the last local building company that still acquires the timber for their homes from Gersekowski Cypress Saw Mill at Cecil Plans (a NRW approved native forest timber mill). View our list of standard quality inclusions.

Geoff Gibson Homes: 2017 National finalist in the HIA Housing Awards - GreenSmart Energy Efficiency.
Geoff Gibson Homes: HIA Member 25 Years.
Geoff Gibson Homes: 2017 National finalist in the HIA Housing Awards - GreenSmart Display Home.

Remember, ‘When Excellence is Required’ - Geoff Gibson Homes is ‘The Key’.


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