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Future Proofing Your Next Home

What does this mean?

A liveable home is designed to:

  • Be easy to enter;
  • Be easy to navigate in and around;
  • Be capable of easy and cost-effective adaptation; and…
  • Be responsive to the changing needs of home occupants.

Who will benefit from a liveable home?

  • Families with young children;
  • People who sustain a temporary injury;
  • Ageing baby boomers; and…
  • People with disability and their families.

‘Liveable Home’
At Geoff Gibson Homes we incorporate a lot of the requirements of a ‘Liveable Home’, into our standard inclusions.

We consider this very worthwhile as the majority of our clients have long-term plans of future proofing their homes for a lifetime of comfortable, enjoyable living.

Geoff Gibson Homes - Future proofing your next home
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