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Phone: 07 4635 9049

About Geoff Gibson Homes

Reaching 20 years of building in the Toowoomba Region generally marks the pinnacle of a builder’s achievement in this industry. It can also mark the start of their decline for many cases, as they are happy to just sit back and trade on their “Name”.

This is far from the truth for Geoff Gibson Homes. 20 years marks the beginning of a new, greener era, a whole new chapter with new challenges and lots of new innovative ideas to improve the liveability of their new home designs.

Sustainable Housing
The future looks bright since the opening of their new office at 20 Stradbroke Street, which was planned to coincide with Geoff Gibson Homes’ expansion into the Sustainable Housing Market, with the New Gaia range of home plans. These homes were inspired by Geoff, after he became Toowoomba’s first certified HIA Green Smart Professional.

Green Smart Approach
This has also prompted Geoff to incorporate many new Green Smart ideas into his very conventional style of home giving new home builders the best of all worlds. Using Green Smart technology we believe that for as little as a 10% input cost during construction your new home could be up to 80% more energy efficient.

F7 Cypress
Even with all this new technology Geoff Gibson Homes still maintains their traditional standard, still only use F7 Cypress in all their external & internal frames. In fact Geoff Gibson Homes are the last local building company that still acquires the timber for their homes from Gersekowski Cypress Saw Mill at Cecil Plans (a NRW approved native forest timber mill). Geoff Gibson Homes also uses cypress timber in their roof trusses and in conjunction with Termimesh termite protection; doesn’t give Termites a look in. View our list of standard quality inclusions.

Meeting our Team

Geoff Gibson
HIA GreenSmart Professional Builder boosting over 20 years experience of building in the Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

Rick Tyrer
GreenSmart accredited Sales Consultant based at our Display Home at 518 Hume Street, Middle Ridge (Toowoomba). Locate on Google maps ›

Display Home
Entrant, HIA GreenSmart Home of the Year. 9 Star Energy Rated GreenSmart Accredited

Remember, there is only one place to go “When Excellence is Required.” - Geoff Gibson Homes


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